Chugger Pump (Magentic Drive) for Beer

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CPPS-IN-2 Chugger Pump (Magenetic Drive) for Beer! 


A homebrew beer pump which is typically used to transfer hot and or cold liquids between brewing vessels


*26 LPM
*5.5m head
*0.55 bar (8 psi)
*0.29 kW (1/20 hp)
*1.9 amps
*1/2 inch NPT(M) ports


*1.4 m power cable
*3 pin electrical plug
*Magnetic drive
*Pump head can be rotated as required
*For hot and cold liquids
*120 degrees C max liquid temperature

Material Design: 

*Polysulfon Plastic pump head
*Ryton/Teflon impeller
*Teflon thrust washer
*Clear silicone oring
*Materials are FDA Food Compliant
*Weight: 3.18 kg

Non self-priming
Do not run dry
(Please enquire about availability) 

Chugger Brochure

Made In the USA 


How To Change a Chugger Head Orientation

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