Davies Pressure Tank 160L

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Davies Free Standing Pressure Tank 160L

Davies Pumps Flexpansion water pressure tanks are suited for all water systems including industrial, domestic and agriculture. The tanks are constructed with a polypropylene liner combined with high grade butyl diaphragm to isolate water and air, preventing the growth of bacteria in the tank. The cast stainless steel water connection is used for corrosion resistance.

The use of a Flexpansion pressure tank in a pressure system can increase efficiency and pump life by reducing cycle time and also prevent shocks on system from water hammer or thermal expansion.


* 160L Tank 
* Outlet: 32mm
* Max Pressure: 10 Bar
* Vertical 
* Drawdown: 54L 


* Fixed Butyl membrane
* Polypropylene liner
* Stainless steel thread connection
* Metal support stand (130 to 305L models)
* Baked epoxy coated exterior
* Maximum temperature: 90ºC


Pressure tanks are ideally suited for:
* Booster systems
* Shallow jet pumps
* Centrifugal pump configurations


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