Davies Pumps S3P 3″ Bore Pump Kit with Three Phase Motor

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Davies Pumps S3P 3″ Bore Pump Kit with Three Phase Motor

The S3P series 3” bore pumps feature a stainless steel outer shell wet end with Noryl impellers and diffusers, Brass motor coupling flange and discharge head and an incorporated non-return check valve. The motor is a stainless cased NEMA 3 wire motor which requires matched control box for capacitors. Supplied complete with surface mounted control box which incorporates: Run capacitor, isolator switch and manual reset overload.


* Voltage: 400v
* Three Phase
* Outlet: 25mm

Model Wattage HP  Amps Flow Rate Head
S3P2/15TK 0.37kW 0.5HP 2.0 45 LPM 45m
S3P2/23TK 0.55kW 0.75HP 2.1 45 LPM 70m
S3P2/30TK 0.75kW 1.0HP 2.5 45 LPM 90m
S3P2/45TK 1.1kW 1.5HP 3.2 45 LPM 130m


* Max pump OD: 74mm.
* Max water temperature: 35°C, pH6.5-8.0.

Motor Features: 

* Max thrust: 1500N
* IP68 motor protection
* Insulation: Class F
* Service factor: S1.
* Minimum cooling speed: 8cm/s.
* RPM: 2800
* Dielectric Oil Filled
* Non-toxic liquid filled
* Exterior Shell and clamping system: AISI 304.
* Upper bracket: Pressed brass.
* Spline shaft to NEMA standards.
* Maximum starts per hour: 30.
* Maximum immersion: 60m.

Technical Features: 

* Noryl Impellers
* Brass Motor coupling and discharge head
* Stainless casing and cable guard.
* Outlet head with Integral check valve
* NEMA standard motor mount flange and spline.
* Stainless steel inlet strainer

Operating Parameters: 

* Max voltage variation: +10% / -10%
* Maximum starts per Hour: 30
* Maximum water temperature: 40ºC
* Minimum flow rate: 0.08m/sec (motor cooling)
* Axial thrust limits: 1200N




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