KWF-1: Filter Bench Top System

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KWF-1: Filter Bench Top System 

Quick Change Bayonet Water Filter: 1 Stage system

This filter provides a space saving, extremely portable alternative to the standard style of bench top filters.
The KWF-1, first stage system comes with a Spun PP-10F filter that removes larger particles suspended in water 


*Water Pressure: 14.5 Minimum- 43.5 Maximum PSI
*Water Temperature: 4-38 Degrees Maximum
*Chlorine Level: 0.2 ppm
*Suitable for municipal running water 

Suitable for:

*Motor home

Ideal for rental accommodation where installation of an under bench unit is not an option
Purified drinking water suitable for mains/town supply, rainwater or bore water 


*Solid compact design 
*Bayonet Water Filter
*Food Grade Tubing
*Feed Water Valve, Tee Fitting and Faucet 
*Easy attachment to kitchen tap, making it perfect for rental situations where you cannot have a permanent installation under bench system

*NSF certified

Comes with Filter-PP-10F, Tap connection and adaptors 
Needs to work with a pressure reducing valve if water pump is over 43 PSI pumping pressure


*Max Pressure-0.1 MPA-0.4 MPA
*Max Flow-41 LPM
*Max Temperature-4-38 Degrees
*Service Life: 4500 Litres
*Removes: sand, silt, dirt and rust particles 

Suitable for domestic and commercial RO system
for drinking water applications 


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