TankMate- Tank Level Sensor-Wi-Fi

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TankMate- Tank Level Sensor-Wi-Fi

With TankMate you can easily monitor your tank levels and usage data remotely. Access your key tank information whenever you need to, from anywhere. 


Wireless Connectivity:
* Wi-Fi connected sender unit - requires 801.11b/g/n Wi-Fi network (WEP / WPA-PSK)
* Android / iPhone app required for initial device setup Sensor Specifications
* Radar sensor (60GHz)
* Minimum reading distance: 100mm
* Maximum reading distance: 3.1m
* Resolution: 1mm
* Reading frequency can be set via the mobile app (1-24 times per day)

Power Requirements:
* 3 x AA batteries (Energizer Ultimate Lithium)
* Battery life: up to 3 years*
* Battery life will vary according to data publishing frequency (user defined)

* Durable polycarbonate enclosure
* IP68 waterproof rating
* Rubber gasket for sealing onto your tank
* Dimensions: 154 x 68 x 45 mm
* Installation hole size: 30mm diameter


* Wireless tank level sensor - connects to your Wi-Fi network
* Non-contact radar sensor for reading tank levels with millimeter accuracy
* Simple setup process using the mobile app
* DIY installation - suitable for most tank sizes and material types

TankMate Apps:

* Monitor your tank levels and usage data
* Free apps for iOS, Android and Web
* Two app tiers available: Basic and Premium
* Premium app features*:
* Custom phone notifications
* Daily usage statistics
* Multiple sensors on one login

More information: 

Quick Start Guide 

24 Month return to base warranty


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