Multistage Tesla 5" DIVER SERIES Submersible Water Pump

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Available in Seven Models


*Stainless steel shaft for high corrosion resistance
*Through body motor cooling
*Specially designed algae resistant suction strainer
*Silicon carbide mechanical seal
*Argon filled motor
*Detachable power cord
*Separate control box
*Manual reset overload
*Algae resistant strainer
*Approved for drinking water 


Model Watts Horsepower Flowrate Pumping Height  Includes
75MA 550 0.7 80LPM 35m Control Box, Float Switch 
100MA 750 1.0 80LPM 50m Control Box, Float Switch 
150MA 1100 1.5 80LPM 72m  Control Box, Float Switch 
150MHFA 1100 1.5 200LPM 40m Control Box, Float Switch 
200M 1500 2.0 80LPM 96m Control Box, No Float
200MA 1500 2.0 80LPM 96m Control Box, Float Switch 
200MFHA 1500 2.0 200LPM 55m Control Box, Float Switch 

Suited for domestic and commercial applications including all de-watering tasks, pumping out sumps, flooded areas and drawing water from wells.


-Used in wells with a minimum diameter of 125mm as well as in containers or cisterns.
-Used for irrigation, gardening and residential and household water systems.
-Used as household pressure pump for households with submerged tanks. This avoids the inefficient process of sucking the water from the tank. Can be used with a remote pressure tank and controller for completely silent running.

Diver Features:

5´´multistage bottom suction pump. This pump, designed for domestic and professional use, is the correct choice for any application of clean water boosting. The typical installation is in open wells or tanks for lifting and pressuring water ,pressure booster sets and sprinkle irrigation system. DIVER series pump is available in two different range: DIVER and DIVER HF. The DIVER HF has been specially designed for application where a big quantity of water with a medium pressure is needed ( for details please see performances chart)Available respectively in 4 (DIVER) and 3 (DIVER HF) different sizes in single and three phase versions.

The heart of a motor is the stator. TESLA, with its long customer oriented experience, developed the technology of using a complete stainless steel ( aisi304) encapsulated (canned type) stator. The constructing technology used ( gas-filled stator) give the chance to keep the full insulation class of the materials: Tesla’s submersible motor is really a class F motor. The motor can handle forty start/stops per hour and is provided, as standard up to 1,5kW, in the single phase version, with a built-in thermal overload capable to save the motor for locked rotor, overload , wrong connections and wrong capacitor value running conditions

All TESLA motors and pump are equipped with a 4 cores removable cable with watertight connector. This solution allow a very easy and fast action in case of needs of assembling/disassembling the motor or pump part, avoiding to cut the electric cable from the pump/motor. The DIVER series pumps are supplied standard with 10mt H07RN-F length cable.

The mechanical seal can be considered the ´gate´ between the dry and wet world… therefore a very important topic to be considered when designing a pump ;specially when the installation provide to pump water with some content of sand. TESLA therefore choose for the DIVER series pumps ,as standard equipment, a SILICON CARBIDE MECHANICAL SEAL( SIC/ SIC).

Continuous in contact with water the shaft-end is a very weak point for the submersible pump that must to be reliable for long time. The project choice made for this particular item has been made therefore of stainless steel AISI 304 ( shaft end).
Die-casting aluminium made rotors up to 1.5 Kw

Made in Italy and comes with a 12 month (1 year) Warranty

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