Travel Water Purifer Filter Kit- SPECIAL PRICE- BRAND NEW

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Travel Water Purifer Filter Kit (SPECIAL PRICE) - BRAND NEW 

Portable Multipurpose Water Straw

A portable water filter that transforms microbiologically contaminated water into safe, clean drinking water. It is ideal for a variety of users outside of the home, from hikers and campers to people displaced by natural disasters. 

This pocket-sized compact water filtration straw will remove 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and protozoa parasites. Place the end of the straw in fresh water (not salt water or chemcially treated water) such as lakes, rivers or streams, and the water is filtered as it is sucked through the straw. It comes with a lanyard and an extension tube to make it easier to get to those harder to reach spots, and can also screw on to the end of your water bag. This single straw will filter up to 2000L of water. 


* Purifies a minimum of 2000 litres of water 
* Reduces and removes up to 99.9999 percent of bacteria and viruses that can contaminate water including giardia
* Reduces turbidity (muddiness) and sediment by filtering particulate matter larger than 0.01 microns 
* Made of durable plastic 
* Chemical-free  


* Easy to Use 
* Easy to operate 
* Requires no electrical power, batteries or replacement parts 
Uses hollow fibre microfiltration technology 
* Ideal for clear water
* Avoid using in water temperatures over 40 degrees
* Store in dry conditions under 30 degrees 


This unit uses a combination of 0.01 micron membranes that uses a cluster of micro-fibrous tubes, activated carbon, multiple filters, GAC, and high poly-iodine as a sterilizing medium that will kill up to 99.9999% of bacteria. 

Kit includes: 

* Water filter Straw
* Foldable Water bag with carabiner 
* Extension Tube with filter
* Case 
* Lanyard 

1 Year Warranty 


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