Trevoli M-100 Submersible Pump - 100w - Pumps down to 2mm

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Trevoli M-100 Submersible Pump - 100w - No Float Switch


The Trevoli M-100 is a submersible pump that can pump down to 2mm. Ideal for applications that require the draining of water to the lowest level possible. For clean water, sea water and slightly dirty water and ideal for drainage of flat surfaces: basement, rooftops, garages and pools. It can also be used for fish tanks and water tank cleaning.
Supplied with no float.


* Power: 100 Watt
* 230v, Single Phase
* 6.5m Head
* 95 Litres Per Minute 
* Liquid temperature: 0-40c
* Max Immersion Depth-6m 
* Comes with 2 couplings - 20mm and 25mm (3/4inch and 1inch)


* Pumps residue water down to 2 mm
* The motor housing is constructed of special weather-proof and non-corrosive super tough glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic
* High quality Italian double mechanical seals used for durability
* Light weight with large carrying handle
* Comes with 2 couplings - 20mm and 25mm (3/4inch and 1inch)
* 10 metre cable with 3 pin plug
* Rated for continuous use
* Built in Thermal Overload motor protection
* IP68 protection
* Ph Level of 6-8


* Clean water
* Salt Water
* Water removal from Basement, rooftops, garages
* Water Transfer 

 M-100 Brochure

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