Icebath Pump, Filter & UV Combo Kit

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Icebath Pump, Filter & UV Combo Kit 

Kit Includes:
1x Pond Pump 4800
1x UV 16W System
1x 10" Standard Filter Housing
1x 5 Micron Standard Pleate Filter
2x S/Steel 200mm Hose

(Contact us about additional fittings) 

Pond Pump 4800


* Power:81 watts 
* Maximum Head: 3.4m pumping height 
* Flow Rate: 86 lpm (5000 lph)
* BSP tread on inlet & outlet – Inlet 1/2″ Outlet 1/2″
* Supplied with hose tails for inlet* & outlet.
* In-line use (Hose I.D.) – Inlet 20mm, Outlet 20mm

* Supplied Hose tail for waterfall or filter, when using fountain – 12.5 & 20mm


* Shaft material: Ceramic
* Dimensions: Length, width, height – 16x7x9cm
* Cable length – 10m
* Removable pre-filter Fountain head flow adjustment 
* Use with or without the fountain heads
* Suitable for In-line use
* Magnetic drive centrifugal pump
* Epoxy encapsulated motor
* All models supplied with suction cups
* Removable pre-filter
* In-Line use – If gravity feed 
* Fountain head flow adjustment 
* Thermal overload

UV 16w 

TREVOLI Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer. This U.V system destroys 99.99% of harmful micro-organisms, including E-coli, Cryptosporidium, Campylobacter and Giardia. Cost effective, environment friendly disinfection of water without chemicals


* Nominal recommended flow: 13 LPM (30 mJ/cm2)
* Maximum recommended flow: 24 LPM (16 mJ/cm2)
* Council recommended level - max flow: 9 LPM (40 mJ/cm2)
* 1 x 16watt replaceable lamp
* Dimension: 375mm long - 82mm diameter
* Port size 15mm
* Temperature range-2-40 degrees 

Filter Housing (Clear) 


* Normal operating maximum pressure : 900Kpa (125 psi)
* Normal maximum temperature : 50°C
* Maximum Flow Rate : 10": 28 lpm
* Port Size- 1/2" and 1/4" (please see dropdown menu)


* Port material: brass
* Comes complete with mounting bracket, screws and spanner 
* Clear housing design 

Filter 5 Micron 

Polyspun prefilters are economic and hold a 95% efficiency rating. They are suitable for use of up to 15 litres per minute. The Poly Spun Depth Filter Cartridge works with a 10" Standard AH Housings. The correct housing for this filter is available in our related products section below. This filter will help with the removal of  Sediment, Sand, Dirt ,Rust particles as well as some colour and organics


* Maximum water temp 65 deg C
* 2½  inch x 10 inch
* This filter will help with the removal of  Sediment, Sand, Dirt ,Rust particles as well as some colour and organics


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