TREVOLI - VS203 Variable Speed Multistage Pump for Large Home

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TREVOLI - VS203 Variable Speed Multistage Pump for Large Home

Package includes: VS203+8L Pressure Tank + Brass 3 Way T 

This pump is ideal for domestic water supply, providing mains pressure for a medium to large single or multi-level home supporting up to 8 taps running at one time. Fitted with a variable speed controller, allowing the pump to maintain a constant pressure set by the user. Pump is sold with an 8L pressure tank and brass 3 way T. 


*1 kW/1.3 HP
*230v/Single Phase 
*Maximum PSI: 72
*Maximum flow 80 L/min
*Maximum head 50 m 
*Maximum Working Pressure 10 bar
*Maximum Liquid Temperature 60 ℃
*Maximum Ambient Temperature 0-50℃
*25mm inlet and outlet
*8L Pressure Tank
*Brass 3 Way T


Technical Features:

*Number of Impellers 3
*Material of Impellers PPO
*Material of Diffuser PPO
*Material of Shaft SUS304 for wet-end
*Mechanical Seal Carbon-Ceramic
*Style Permanent magnet synchronous motor
*Rotation Speed 1200-3500 r/min


Power vs Flow: 


*419W-15 LPM
*477W-25 LPM
*973W-60 LPM



*Check valves in the inlet of the pump.
(Check valves provide water hammer protection)
*Function: Runs and stops the pump, sets the working pressure
& displays the running states.
*Display Method: LED
*The inverter is water-proof and lightning-proof.
Pressure Tank-
*Style: Diaphragm
*Material: SUS304
*Membrane: EPDM-Food Grade
*Compact SUS304 stainless steel pressure tank with food grade diaphragm
Inlet and Outlet-
*Technology: Precision casting
*Material: SUS304
*Size: G1" or 25mm


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