Pump Warehouse Code of Conduct

The Pump Warehouse and its affiliates comply with a strict Code of Conduct.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Ensuring that all staff receive a fair living wage and employment contracts meet or exceed minimum legal conditions.

 The Pump Warehouse recognises the contribution made by its staff and strives to ensure that they are recognized and rewarded with a working environment that reflects an appreciation for their efforts.

The Pump Warehouse does not discriminate in any way and offers fair treatment and equal opportunities to all staff.

The Pump Warehouse conforms to a strict Health and Safety policy and strives to ensure continuous improvement in the field of safety for both employees and customers.

The Pump Warehouse respects the environment and maintains sustainable processes. Every attempt is made to ensure that waste is minimized and items are reused, recycled or avoided to maintain optimal environmentally friendly practices.

The Pump Warehouse staff adhere to a socially responsible and ethical code of conduct at all times.

The Pump Warehouse expects all suppliers and associates to comply with a similar Code of Conduct.