Trevoli DSK-1 Electronic Automatic Controller

This controller is used to automatically control the functioning of electric water pumps. It can guarantee the optimum control of electric pumps used in plumbimg systems. Being an intelligent mix of hydraulic and electronic engineering, the control maintains both pressure and flow and controls the operation of the pump automatically. It needs no pressure tank as in the traditional systems. There are no plenum chambers to recharge and no irritating variation in pressure and in flow at the point of use. No adjustment or maintenance is required. 

Smart Controller - KG2-2200-(AS)

The Smart Controller-KG2-2200 (AS) is ideal for high head applications up to 100 metres. This intelligent controller can replace manual switches as it adapts to the start up pressure required for the application. Features include plug and play operation, controlling pressure fluctuation, self start, anti jamming, water shortage detection and manual mode adjustment.


The Trevoli PC-Auto is a device used to control electric 240V pumps of 2.2kW or less. It has an adjustable cut in function, auto restart and two built in working modes. The PC Auto can automatically adjust the starting pressure value according to the pressure in the pipeline and can monitor the pressure in the pipeline in real time. The higher the pipeline pressure is, the higher the starting pressure. Being an auto smart control, it greatly reduces the occurrence of faults. The manual setting of starting pressure value is adjustable between 0.5-3.5 bar & is simple in operation.


The Trevoli PC-Multi is a device used to control electric 240V pumps of 2.2kW or less.
It has a fully adjustable cut in (start) pressure of between 0.5-6.0 bar and a cut out (stop) pressure of between 0.8-9.8 bar.
The Trevoli PC-Multi has the ability to operate as either a standard auto restart pressure controller (start pressure to be set) or an automatic restart loss of prime pressure switch
(start and stop pressure to be set).

Watertech Presscontrol 

The Watertech Presscontrol is an electronic automatic controller ideal for control and protection of single phase pumps. The controller is designed to start and stop the pump depending on opening and closing of the taps. It will also protect the pump in case of a water shortage by preventing it from dry running. Press controllers are ideal for above ground and submersible pumps. 

Watertech ControlPres

The Watertech Controlpres is an automatic controller allowing the output pressure and start pressure to be adjusted and has automatic restart. Comes equipped with automatic restart in case of failure and anti-jamming function. Ideal for above ground pumps and submersible pumps up to 3 HP. The working pressure and start pressure are adjusted by turning the knob on the back of the device. 


The Trevoli PC-9C mechanical controller is used to automatically control the starting and stopping of a pump based on preset start and stop pressures. They come pre wired and have an inbuilt gauge.

Pressure Tanks and Non-Return Vales are required to operate with these switches.