Pentair (Pentek) Standard 10" KDF/GAC Purifier Cartridge

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Pentair (Pentek) Standard 10" KDF/GAC Purifier Cartridge


KDF-GAC filter is a two media cartridge consisting of KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) and GAC (Granulated Activated Carbon). 

Pentair® Pentek® UDS  series cartridges are enhanced with KDF media to inhibit scale buildup in the filter that can decrease product life. These cartridges are constructed of high performance granular activated coconut shell carbon and a 5-micron spun bonded polypropylene post sediment element for increased dirt holding capacity. They are effective for chlorine taste and odour reduction in high capacity situations and where lime and scale buildup problems occur.


*Temperature range 4.4 to 82.2 degrees C
*Bodies are constructed with high grade polypropylene or polystyrene 
*Spin and sonic welding assembly assures a uniform hermetic seal
*Cartridge volumes are some of the highest in the industry
*Great for reverse osmosis, distillation, bottle-less coolers & water dispensing appliances


* Available in 10" 
* Suits standard and jumbo filter housings



Chlorine & Chemical Removal   Contaminants in Water             Carbon & GAC 

Heavy Metals Removal             Why do we need Water Filters?  Giardia /Cryptosporidium

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