8L Pressure Tank (ZS)

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8L Pressure Tank 

PT8 (ZS)

Trevoli pressure tanks reduce the number of starts your pump makes and increases its life. The ZS series is constructed with a proven single diaphragm design assembly that completely contains drawdown water. The diaphragm is constructed with an FDA approved, high grade butyl rubber compound. the ZS series pressure tanks are made with a stainless steel system connection and are finished with an appliance quality paint finish especially suited for outdoor installations. Trevoli pressure tanks are quality tested at several stages on the production line to insure the structural integrity of every tank.

(Available in Vertical model only)


* Size: 8L
* Drawdown: 2.9L
* Dimensions: 200mm x 300mm
* Weight: 2.3kg


* Booster systems
* Shallow jet pumps
* Centrifugal pump configurations


* Stainless Steel Water Connection Corrosion Resistant For Longer Life
* Controlled Action Diaphragm Longer Life
* Brass Air Stem With Sealing Cap Eliminates Air Leaks, Longer Life,
* No Regular Air Checks Required
* Appliance Quality Paint Finish Looks Better, Longer Life.
* Food Grade FDA Approved High-Grade Butyl Membrane
* Suitable For Drinking Water, Longer Life, Bacteria Resistant
* Condensation Reducing Design Reduces Corrosion, Increases Life



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