Activated Alumina Fluoride removal Jumbo 10" x 4.5" Filter

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Activated Alumina Fluoride removal Jumbo 10" x 4.5" Filter

The AAL is a non-regenerable drinking water and general-purpose cartridge designed to reduce fluorides to below 0.5 ppm (>98%) . It is constructed totally from FDA grade materials and media. The AAL's media is 1kg of pre-conditioned fine mesh Activated Alumina, which is naturally occurring inorganic compound that is chemically inert and non-toxic.

This cartridge should be followed by a second carbon block filter such as the Matrikx 10BCTO-PLUS (1 micron) as a fluoride cartridge may add taste in the water that can be removed by the carbon filter.


* Suitable for small-medium sized whole house (1-2 Taps at once) 
* Town Supply 
* Must be installed with carbon filter
* Suits 10" by 4.5" Jumbo water filter housing 

* Fluoride (Arsenic)
* Some organics

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