DAVEY AQUASHIELD Pressure Boosting and Treatment Packages

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DAVEY AQUASHIELD Pressure Boosting and Treatment Packages

(Available in four options)

The ultimate all in one system, Davey’s proven 3 stage water disinfection & filtration process will ensure a safe and hygienic water supply. Factory matched and tested package ensures the correct UV dosage is delivered with high reliability. Pump interlock detects lamp failure and locks pump out ensuring only disinfected water is delivered. Lamp count down timer with set limit of 9000 hours (1 year) ensures only disinfected water is delivered. Durable UV resistant cover allows for flexible, vandal resistant, exterior installation. Anti-cycling controller eliminates energy wasting and nuisance pump cycling maximizing. Provides pressure boosting and control, two stage pre-filtration down to 1 micron and UV disinfection. 


*Flow Rates to 70lpm
*Pressure- 42-55 PSI
*Max pressure 700kPa. Max Mains water pressure for RB models 850kpa
*Pumping Height/Heads 30-38 meters 
*Water temperature range 8o C-40o C Max.
*Lamp life 9,000 hrs (one years operation)
*Inlet-1¼". Outlet-1"

ASHS60-08T HS60-08 pump with Torrium2 controller 70 LPM 30M
ASHM60-10T HM60-10 pump with Torrium2 controller 70 LPM 38M
ASHS60-08RB HS60-08 pump with RainBank2 controller 70 LPM 30M
ASHM60-10RB HM60-10 pump with Rainbank2 controller 70 LPM 38M


*Pressure boosting & disinfection of rainwater
*School shower & toilet blocks
*Commercial toilet flushing
*Large home potable water supply
*Industry process water treatment
*Guest house potable water supply
*Bacteria and algae growth control for aquaculture and water features
*Also suitable for bore and surface water treatment – subject to water quality


*RainBank® MKII controller option:
Provides seamless automatic mains water back-up and source indication Automatically revert to mains water if power fails or pump is removed .Incorporates an in-built 25mm Dual Check Valve for backflow prevention and plumbing code compliance.

*Torrium® T70 controller option:
Intelligent automatic pump control maximises pump efficiency by adjusting run on time and cut in pressures. Offers ‘loss of prime protection’ with auto retry to protect your investment while offering convenience and dependability.

* High efficiency Steriflo UV disinfection system with low pressure lamp and test tube quartz sleeve for easy cleaning and high performance.
* 2 x 20” jumbo cartridge Filterpure filter housings for low friction losses and long cleaning intervals ensuring an efficient, economical system.
* 20 micron pre-filtration for long cleaning intervals with dirt, rust, sediment and debris reduction
* 1 micron filtration for parasitic cyst reduction and to reduce ‘shadowing’ of bacteria and virus.
* Pressure drop ‘Gauge Set’ for simple filter condition diagnosis.

For parts breakdown please see attachment 

Aquashield Manual

2 Year Warranty 

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