TREVOLI -Water Filtration Big Blue Jumbo Water Filter Housing - 20"

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TREVOLI -Water Filtration Big Blue Jumbo Water Filter Housing - 20"

BB20 (Filter Housing Only) 


* Maximum Operating Pressure: 125 PSI
* Maximum Operating Temperature: 37 deg C
* Inlet and Outlet Port Size: 25mm (1 Inch BSP)


* Made from Food Grade Materials
* Fitted with Pressure Relief Button (Air Bleeder)
* Brass threaded ports
* Can be used as a single unit or joined together with additional housings using 1 inch nipples
* Comes with spanner, mounting bracket and 4 bolts

Filter Options: 

(Available in Dropdown menu) 

* 20PP01-1 micron sediment Polyspun filter
* 20PP05-5 micron sediment Polyspun filter
* 20PP10-10 micron sediment Polyspun filter
* 20PL20-20 micron sediment Polypleated filter
* 20BDGD-PA- 25-1 micron sediment Duel Gradient Polyspun filter
* 20CTO05- 5 micron carbon block filter (Reduces chlorine, smell, taste, colour) 

Optional Features:

* Optional Stainless steel bracket
* Optional filters
* Optional pressure gauge



Click here for filters that will suit this housing 

Filtration Brochure


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