Trevoli BPS-100EA

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Trevoli BPS-100EA

The Trevoli BPS-100EA submersible pump is small in size which makes it well suited for small sumps. It has in incorporated level control module mounted by the intake which automatically turns the pump on when water raises above 40 mm. 

As the water level drops to less than 30 mm the integrated timer allows the pump to run for 40 seconds to reduce the water level to 3mm (depending on the size of the chamber or area being pumped) before switching the pump off. 


* Power: 100w
* Head Height: 6.0m 
* Flow Rate: 70 LPM
* Immersion Depth: 7m
* Dimensions: 169 (L) x 152 (W) x 250 (H)


  • Small Design with built in flow switch and timer 
  • Double mechanical seal 
  • Built with corrosion resistant materials
  • 10 meter cable with 3 pin plug
  • Max solid 3mm
  • 20mm and 25mm hose tails

Motor Features:  

  • Ph Level of 6-8
  • Rated for continuous use
  • Thermal Overload motor protection 
  • IPL68 protection
  • Liquid temperture:0-40 c 


  • Fresh Water
  • Fresh water transfer
  • Circulation in fresh water ponds
  • Water features


2 Year Warranty 

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