Brass Check Valves

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Brass Check Valves 


15mm or 1/2" BSP Female-Female Non Return Valve 

20mm or 3/4" BSP Female-Female Non Return Valve

32mm or 1¼" BSP Female - Female Non Return valve

40mm or 1½" BSP Female - Female Non Return valve

50mm or 2"    BSP Female - Female Non Return valve


(Also available in large sizes 65mm, 80mm & 100mm)


Model mm Inch Max Pressure Diameter Length
229‑4114‑012 15mm 1/2" 25 Bar 35m 57mm
229‑4114‑034 20mm 3/4"  25 Bar 42mm 64mm
229‑4114‑114 32mm 1 1/4" 16 Bar 60mm 83mm
229‑4114‑112 40mm 1 1/2"  16 Bar 60mm 93mm
229‑4114‑200 50mm 2"  16 Bar  87mm 100mm

Technical Features:

* Max pressure up to 60ºC. Max pressure 10Bar for 60-100ºC
* Threads according to ISO 228/1


* Valve body (1&2): Brass
* Core/Stem (3-1B &3-2B) Brass
* Disc(3-3): Stainless steel
* Seal(4): NBR
* Spring(5): Stainless steel

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