Davey Spa Power- Classic Heater

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Davey Spa Power- Classic Heater

The Davey SpaPower Classic Heater is an inexpensive, yet powerful spa heater. The Classic Heater has be designed to be used mainly for in-ground spa installations but if the spa pool is a large above ground spa, the it can also be used.

The Davey SpaPOWER Classic Heater is specifically designed for inground spa's amd small pools. Easy to use, easy to install with heating choices that will suit many different size spa's.  Simple to operate, the heater can be installed horizontally or vertically and features temperature control, 10amp three pin plug and can operate a pump or control system. Available in a range of heater sizes, the SpaPOWER Classic Heater can be used in tandem when installed with a suitable power supply.


*230 Volt
*Heater pressure, max. (head of water) -300 kPa
*Pressure switch ON pressure 5 psi (34 kPa) Pressure switch OFF pressure 2 psi (13 kPa)
*Maximum controlled temperature 45˚C
* Thermal cut-out temperature 55˚C
*Maximum ambient temperature 50˚C

Model  Power Inlet/Outlet Amps
Q54553P 2.3kW 40mm 19.5
Q54554P 4.5kW 40mm 28.8
Q54555P 6.0kW 40mm 32


*Simple to install and operate
*Temperature selection dial and mains output socket for powering an air switch control box
*Can be installed on the base supplied or horizontally
*It is supplied with 40mm barrel unions
*Electrical systems are prewired in the heater head ready for the supply connection
*Available in 2.3kW, 4.5kW and 6.0kW
*Had wired, mains power supply
*Includes thermostat control and 10amp outlet
*Fully approved for pool and spa use under AS3136 approval number SGS/11Ø545


Ideal for spa pool applications such as:
*Residential in-ground spas
*Above ground spas
*Swim spas

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  • Brand Davey
  • Motor Size (kW) 5.50

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