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* Quickly and effectively cleans rocks, waterfalls, pondless features, stauea, plant pots, etc
* Powdered formula brings powewrful oxygen based cleaning to large ponds or lakes as well as smaller fish ponds, water gardens and aqauriums.
* Great for use with fish, birds, pets and wildlife
* Lifts debris to the pond surface where it can be removed by net or skimmer


* Initially use 25gm per 3 sqm - Remove heavy algae growths before treatment
* For Spot cleaning waterfalls and ponds
* Turn off the waterfall pump and apply a light layer of powder to the problem area.
* Let stand while the cleaner is working (usually 10-15 sec) the turn the pump back on.
* For treating underwater rocks, pond sides, ledges, fountains and statuary
* Apply a light layer and measure the results
* Apply a second layer as needed to complete the coverage desired..
* Avoid contact with plant leaves; may cause spikes in ph levels - keep out of reach of children

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