DAB-DTRON Series Submersible Pressure Pump-7" Electronic Multi Stage Pump

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DAB-DTRON Series Submersible Pressure Pump-7" Electronic Multi Stage Pump

DAB-DTRON2 45/90A (808869)
DAB-DTRON3 45/90 (808459)

The DTron 2 was born out of a desire to create a range of pumps that could be “easy” but also extremely efficient. Technologically advanced and easy to use. Reliable and high performing in varied applications, supported by a set of smart accessories.

Equipped with PLC (PowerLine Communication) technology which allows the pump communicate with the external controller Com Box supplied as standard (DAB-DTRON3 45/90). The entire pump is classified IP 68, with the DOC68 accessory (supplied separately) it becomes an IP 68 surface pump to be used under the level of the water. On request a certified version for drinking water is available. Integrated expansion vessel, no additional expansion vessel is required.


Model Power Head Flow Rate
Inlet/Outlet Accessory
DAB-DTRON2 45/90A 0.93kW 45m 105LPM 32mm Float Switch
DAB-DTRON3 45/90 0.93kW 45m 105LPM 32mm Com Box 

*DAB-DTRON2 45/90A-The External Float detects the level of water in a tank , preventing emptying of the tank and avoiding dry running due to low water level

*DAB DTRON3 45/90-The Com Box allows you to change the pump's pressure settings and view alarms. No direct connections with the pump PLC (Power Line Communication) are required.

* Single phase: 230v, 50 Hz
* Amps: 4.2
* Max Immersion Depth: 12m
* Pressure cut in: 2.4 Bar
 Liquid temperature range: from +0°C to +50°C
* Max Particle: 2mm


* Pump maximum diameter: 185 mm
* Impeller/s material: Technopolymer/ AISI 304 stainless steel
* Maximum number of starts: 60/h
* Non-stop service: sì
* Protection class: IP 68
* Motor insulation class: F
* Possible type of installation: Fixed, horizontal or vertical. Submerged or semi-submerged. It can be installed on the surface, under the water level, or outside in a vertical position with the DOC68 accessory (supplied separately)

Technical Features:

* Technopolymer pump body to resist corrosion and oxidation.
* Integrated check valve. Integrated debris filter.
* Overpressure valve to resist to the formation of ice in the piping and to protect from water hammer. On the pump body there is a air-vent valve that improves priming during the first installation or in the event of emptying the tank/well.
* Technopolymer handle to move the pump.
* Integrated 0,04 liter expansion vessel sized to prevent the pump from cycling in the event of small leakages and to compensate in case of water hammer.
* No maintenance or recharging is required for the integrated vessel.
* The coupling between the three impellers in technopolymer, the floating ring and the smoothing disc both in stainless steel allow a limited wear of the hydraulics. Suction height can be adjusted using the appropriate accessory (included): 3,5 - 4 - 6 or 8 cm.
* Asynchronous submersible water cooling motor.
* The hydraulic side of the motor shaft is in AISI 303 stainless steel.
* Double mechanical seal in oil chamber ensuring the pump watertight.
* Capacitor and integrated anti-overheating motor for thermal protection.
* Quick coupling/release cable to facilitate installation inside tanks.
* Anti tear-off power cable connection.


* The electronic operation allows the pump to start and stop autonomously, by the system requirements and protects against dry run. NFC (Near Field Communition) pocket for the use of a float sensor (supplied separately) connectable without opening the pump. Thanks to PLC communication technology, the pump transmits data throughout the power line. The controller Com Box (included) allow you to set the cut-in pressure and to control the alarms. 


* Household pressure systems
* Garden & Sprinklers
* Any clear water application requiring high pressure
* Type of pumped liquid: Clean, free from solid or abrasive substances, non-viscous, non-aggressive, non-crystallized and chemically neutral 



Data Sheet: 

2 Year Warranty

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