Matrikx CTO Plus 20" Carbon Block Jumbo Filter-1 Micron

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Matrix CTO Plus 20" - Carbon Block Jumbo Filter-1 Micron 


This is the premium filter for removal of Chlorine

Matrikx® CTO®Plus filters, powered by GreenBlock®, are made from 100% coconut shell carbon, a renewable, and ecologically sustainable material. The carbon is processed into blocks using a unique binder system and proprietary manufacturing techniques to produce filters with a greater number of micro-pores and available carbon surface area, which display superior adsorption capacity and kinetic dynamics


* 1 micron nominal filtration.
* High capacity Chlorine reduction.
* Made from proprietary catalytic carbon which delivers 4 times the capacity for monochloramine reduction versus standard activated carbon.
* Available in 20" Jumbo 


* Taste
* Odour
* Chlorine
* Pesticides
* Organics
* THM's & HAA5's
* VOC reduction


* Exceptionally low pressure drop
* High dirt holding capacity
* Excellent chemical contaminant reduction
* High Adsorptive Capacity and Efficiency
* NSF and WQA certification for Material Safety


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