Davey Cutter/Shredder Pumps

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Davey Cutter/Shredder Pumps

High head single channel sewage handling submersible sump pumps with cutting impeller, available with a choice of single or three phase motors.

(Please note, pumps are subject to availability, please enquire with us prior to order as ETA and availability can change at anytime)


Model Flow Rate Pumping Height Inlet/Outlet Wattage Voltage/Phase Other 
D75KA 380 LPM 15meters head 2"- 50mm 0.75 KW 220-Single Fitted with Float switch
DT08K 380 LPM 15meters head 2"- 50mm 0.75 KW 415-Three No Float
DT15K 680 LPM 18meters head 3"- 75mm 1.5 KW 415-Three No Float
DT22K 980 LPM 21 meters head  3"- 75mm 2.2 KW 415-Three No Float
DT37K 1100 LPM 25 meters head 3"- 75mm 3.7 KW 415-Three No Float
DT55K 1500 LPM 23 meters head 4"-100mm 5.5 KW 415-Three No Float
DT75K 2150 LPM 33 meters head 4"-100mm 7.5 KW 415-Three No Float


*Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel shaft, motor shell and fasteners
*Open impeller, single channel, centrifugal design with cutting leading edge
*Able to pump soft solids in suspension
*Less susceptible to blockage
*Capable of higher heads / pressure
*Able to cut string like materials, reducing the risk of blockage in pump or pipework
*Double mechanical shaft seal in oil bath with hard faced silicon carbide / ceramic seal on pump side
*Automatic resetting thermal overload
*D75KA model fitted with automatic float switch with a present float length
*All units fitted with10m harmonized cable with bared ends-Easy connection to power supply 


*Sewage water pumping
*Sump emptying
*Septic effluent disposal
*Water transfer
*Pumping of light slurries and factory waste
*Pumping waste water with stringy or long soft solids in suspension

Suitable for: 

*Semi-screened sewage or “grey water” of neutral pH containing up to 20% small soft solids or 1% string like solids.
*Some wear should be expected while pumping hard solids in suspension
*Cutter pumps are not suitable for sanitary products - use Grinder model pumps. 

1 Year Warranty 

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