Davey Firefighter Single Stage Self Priming Pump

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Davey Firefighter Single Stage Self Priming Pump

Rugged, economical single stage self priming pump. These units are driven by either a 270cc or 389cc Honda GX/E engine fitted with an electric start. 

Protect what matters most with Davey petrol driven single and twin stage fire pumps for firefighting and water transfer around properties and farms. For places where power may not be easily available Davey Firefighters ®  are the ideal fire pump for the job. Davey have a choice of 27 models in the petrol range alone with varying engine sizes and the option of three or four way outlets. 

*Some options not currently available. Please enquire 


* Firefighting
* Tanker to tanker water transfer
* High head general water transfer
* Sheep jetting
* Irrigation
* Boom spraying
* Travelling irrigators


* Patented clamped impeller design to enable longer impeller life, improved performance and easier disassembly in the case of blockage.
* Single impeller design provides extra strong pressure for longer and higher pumping applications 
* Thrust balanced impeller design to extend engine life.
* Pump casing, diffusers and impellers manufactured from quality corrosion resistant marine grade aluminium for long life.
* Choice of 3 or 4 way (dependant upon model chosen) discharge port for easy installation with a choice of plumbing sizes.
* Polyester coated pump casing, exterior and interior, for added corrosion resistance.
* Patented floating impeller neckrings front and back. The front neckring helps improve pumping efficiency, the back neckring helps extend seal life and reduces engine wear.    
* Self priming from 6m for more versatile installation options. Large priming and drain port with bayonet fit plugs.
* Plugs have safety retention system, plus are available with ¼” tapping to accept pressure gauges or drain cocks.
* Low-oil protection on all models - engines won’t start or run if oil level is inadequate, thus protecting your engine.
* Electric start models have electric starter (battery and leads required) and recoil starter fitted, ensures a choice of starting methods, even if the battery is flat or removed.
* “HV3” models come with Viton seal, orings, gaskets, caps etc. fitted for improved chemical resistance. (Use of aggressive chemicals may void warranty).
* All engines conform to the tough environmental requirements of the USA EPA


Honda Petrol Engines

5155H GX160 163 1 ½ " (4 WAY)   460 LPM 60 meters head  
5155H3 GX160 163 1 ½ " (3 WAY)  460 LPM 60 meters head  
5165H GX200 196 1 ½ " (4 WAY)  500 LPM 60 meters head  
5165H23W GX200 196 2" (3 WAY)  500 LPM 60 meters head  
5165HQ GX200 196 2" /1 1 ½ "(3 WAY)  500 LPM 60 meters head  
5165HV13W GX200 196 1 ½ " (3 WAY)  500 LPM 60 meters head Viton Seal
5165HE GX200 196 1 ½ "( 4 WAY)  500 LPM 60 meters head Electric Start 
5113HE GX390 389 2" (3 WAY)  870 LPM 51 meters head Electric Start 

Yanmar Diesel Engines

5170Y L70N 320 1½" (4 Way) 460 LPM 38 meters head Deluxe Frame
5270YE L70N 320 1½" (4 Way) 460 LPM 38 meters head Electric Start + Frame

*Battery & Leads not included 

1 Year- Wet end, Honda GP160 Engines, Yanmar Engines and accessories
2 Year-Briggs & Stratton Engines 
3 Year-Honda Engines 

Additional Information:

Data Sheet              High Powered-Data Sheet          Set Up             Choosing your pump  


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