Davey High Pressure Submersible Pump- D53 A/B Series

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Davey High Pressure Submersible Pump- D53 A/B Series 


The Davey D53 Series Submersible sump pump with tripple impeller design for higher pressure and up to 45m head.


* Power:0.84 KW
* Max Flow rate: 130LPM
* 1 inch BSP (25mm) outlet
* Max delivery height: 45 metres
* Max immersion depth: 12 metres
* Max Motor speed: 2850 rpm
* Single Phase
* IP Rating-X8
* Insulation class:F
* Power 220-240V with standard 3 pin plug and 10 meter cable 
* Foreign body size: Up to 1.9 mm


*Double mechanical seal, one in oil bath on motor and extra mechanical seal on pump
*Superior reliability
*Long service life Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel shaft, motor shell and fasteners
*Long service life Cast 316 stainless steel motor caps and super tough engineered thermo plastic pump casing
*Outstanding corrosion resistance
*Long life Centrifugal multistage 2 and 3 impeller designs
*Higher pressures and increased efficiency Closed vane impellers with long engagement “D” drives
*Positive operation
*Long service life Patented independently floating neck rings
*Outstanding pump performance
*Long pump life Corrosion resistant hard wearing polycarbonate impellers
*Long service life Corrosion resistant stainless steel fine mesh suction strainer with large surface area
*Prevents blockages of the pump by solids In-built automatic thermal overload
*Protects the motor in the event of blockage or voltage supply problems HO7RNF oil resistant leads, 10 metres long with 3 pin power plug
*Easy to connect to power supply
*Longer life in dirty water


* Lawn & garden irrigation
* Sump emptying to higher heads
* Treated effluent disposal
* Water transfer from wells
* Model D53A/B specially designed for non potable rainwater applications
* Clean water of neutral PH containing up to 1% solids 

“A” suffix models equipped with present length automatic float switch fitted for automatic operation


2 Year Warranty 

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