Davey Rainbank-Submersible Pump Kits

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Davey Rainbank-Submersible Pump Kits-Includes Wall Mount Bracket

Dual source controller, specifically designed to source rainwater for water applications such as toilets and/or laundry, with automatic mains water back-up. Also suitable for exterior taps.

RainBank can save up to 40% of a households mains water use, helping to conserve this precious resource and lower water bills. It is an automatic controller for rainwater harvesting supplying water for toilet and laundry applications. 

The system automatically selects the water source with rainwater given the priority over mains supply. Mains water is supplied when the tank is empty or in the event of a power outage. 

RainBank is available with a wide range of dependable Davey pressure systems to meet the needs of your home plumbing including floatless options for flooded suction applications. Systems to suit submersible pumps are also available as well as RainBank Pro for commercial applications.

Rainbank Specifications:

*Minimum water temperature 1ºC
*Maximum ambient temperature 50ºC
*Mains water inlet size ¾” BSP (M)
*Rainwater inlet size 1” BSP (M)
*Outlet size ¾” BSP (M)
*Enclosure class -IP55
*Insulation class Class F
*Single Phase 

Submersible Pump Kits Range 

Model Power Flow Rate Head Outlet Flow at 200 Kpa Pump
KFBSA1 0.20Kw 52 LPM 22.5m 1" 10 LPM Davey D23A/B
KRBS1 0.60Kw 120 LPM 32m 1" 40 LPM Davey D42A/B
KRBS1/20 0.6Kw 120 LPM 32m 1" 40 LPM Davey D42A/B-20m Lead
KRBS2 0.84Kw 130 LPM 45m 1" 63 LPM Davey D53A/B
KRBS2/20 0.84Kw 130 LPM 45m 1" 63 LPM Davey D53A/B-20m Lead


* Correctly installed, Davey’s new Floatless RainBank system will reprime, every time!
*With the option to easily connect an external float if the installations needs it
*Using rainwater all year round, eliminates the need for large tanks, taking up valuable space in your yard
*Built-in backflow protection valve (dual check valve) in compliance with the requirements of AS/NZS 3500-1-2003 for added safety and assured protection of your mains water supply.

RainBank seamlessly delivers rainwater to your toilets, laundry and gardens with automatic mains water back-up.
• Davey pioneered rainwater harvesting products of this kind
• Market-leading design, flow rates and pressures
• Intelligence ‘built-in’
• Unrivalled dependability and innovation keeps coming with Davey

Unlike other systems that always pump mains to the tank, RainBank is a true interconnection device only pumping rainwater present in the tank, allowing mains to seamlessly flow through when needed. Save on unnecessary pump wear and tear and electricity costs that can soon add up.
RainBank provides water even when
• Rainwater has been exhausted
• There is no power to run the pump
• Mains water is unavailable


*Floatless RainBank® is ideal for metropolitan rainwater harvesting on homes, toilet blocks and garden irrigation utilising a surface mounted pump.

3 Year Warranty 

Davey D42/D53 

Davey Pump Guide

Rainbank DataSheet

 Davey-Consumer Guide 


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