Davey XF Series Single & Twin Stage Pumps

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Davey XF Series Single & Twin Stage Pumps

Robust and compact, 1 or 2 stage centrifugal pumps with silicon carbide seals, corrosion resistant componentry and driven by a TEFC motor. Designed for total head duties to 33m and flows to 225 lpm. All models are fitted with “Thermotection” for closed head pump protection.


Model KW Head
Flow Rate Inlet/Outlet Suction Lift KPA
XF171 0.45 16m 175 lpm 1"/ 25mm 7.5m 170
XF221 0.78 20m  225 lpm  1"/ 25mm 7.5m 200 
XF92 0.58 28m  98 lpm  1"/ 25mm 7.5m  280 
XF192 0.80  34m 190 lpm  1"/ 25mm 7m 330 
XF171S 0.45 16m  175 lpm 1"/ 25mm 7.5m 170
XF171D 0.45 16m  175 lpm 1"/ 25mm 7.5m 170
XF192S 0.80 34m 190 lpm 1"/ 25mm 7m 330

*Maximum water temperature- 85ºC
*Minimum water temperature- 1ºC
*Insulation- Class F

Additional Features:

*XF171S-Includes Silicone Carbide Seal
*XF171D-Designed for pumping aromatic hydrocarbons in suspension. 
  (Ideal for Dog or pet baths)
*XF192S-Includes Silicone Carbide Seal and 316SS Pump Casing 


*1 or 2 stage (single or twin impeller)
*Closed vane impellers
*Stainless Steel pump shaft
*Corrosion resistant casing
*Silicon Carbide Mechanical shaft seal
*O ring casing seal

Technical Features:

*Davey manufactured
*TEFC with IP55 enclosure
*Class F insulation
*Permanently split capacitor design
*Double contact C3-HTG sealed bearings
*Inbuilt thermal overload protection
*Plastic feet on motor shell


Ideal for pumping slightly aggressive, non-volatile liquids without fibres or solids in such applications: 

*Sea water
*Mild acid solutions
*Washing systems
*Desalinated water


Thermotection will automatically stop the pump should the water in the casing reach 85ºC. This condition may occur when a fully primed pump is operated without being allowed to discharge water (i.e. closed head operation). Thermotection control will automatically restart the pump when the water temperature drops below 65ºC±5ºC.

*Manufactured from quality corrosion resistant materials
*TEFC motor corrosion resistant and excludes dust and dirt
*Motor and pump designed for frequent starts
*Quick and easy installation
*Low maintenance
*Easy to service if required
*Protected against pump damage from closed head operation


2 Year Warranty 

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