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(Not all models are available, please enquire about availability) 

The CKD series open impeller pumps are ideal for high flow/low pressure applications, transferring dirty water containing solids up to 15mm or mixing fertilizers.

A Non self-priming open impeller centrifugal pump for pumping clean or dirty, thin, non-explosive, non-flammable liquid.

Ideal Applications 

*Circulation (-20 to +90ºc)
  (Can run up 110°c with a Viton Seal- please ask us about this if you need to reach this temperature)
*Dirty/Grey water emptying or transfer
*Mixing and transferring liquid fertilizers, calf milk and other liquids 


Model HP Volt Phase
Head (M)
Flow (LPM)
Inlet(mm)  Outlet(mm)
CKD-050M 0.5 230 1 12 100 32 25
CKD-100M 1.0 230 1 8 300 40 40
CKD-150M 1.5 230 1 9 550 50 50
CKD-150T 1.5 400 3 9 550 50 50
CKD-200M 2.0 230 1 13 700 50 50
CKD-200T 2.0 430 3 13 700 50 50
CKD-300T 3.0 430 3 15 950 63 50
CKD-400T 4.0 430 3 17 1050 63 50


Operation Limitations:

*Maximum ambient temperature: +40ºC
*Minimum liquid temperature: -20°c-
*Maximum liquid temperature +90°c
 (Can run up 110°c with a Viton Seal- please ask us about this if you need to reach this temperature)

*Maximum casing pressure: 8Bar/115 PSI

Construction Materials: 

*304 Stainless steel Pump body, seal plate, shaft & impeller
*Mechanical seal: Silicon carbide/Carbon/EPDM

Motor Features: 

*Totally enclosed, fan cooled.
*Rated speed: 2850 RPM - 50Hz
*Single phase voltage range: 220-240V (PSC Type motor)
*Three phase voltage range: 220-240/380-415
*Insulation: Class F
*Protection: IP55
*Single phase versions fitted with auto reset thermal overload
*Three phase version require user supplied overload to be fitted in installation


*Industrial washing and rinsing


 Two Year Warranty

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