Davies JAP Deep Well Series

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Davies JAP Deep Well Series 

The JAP series pump have been designed to pump clean water from wells/ bores of at least 4” diameter up to 50m deep, or from a water source a long distance from power supply
Before installing the pump, verify that all the pipes are clean inside to avoid any obstruction in the ejector nozzle.


 220‑JAP‑103M 1 0.74  230 SINGLE 4.1  1 1/4" 32mm  1" 25mm
 220‑JAP‑151M 1.5 1.1  230  SINGLE 7.9   1 1/4" 32mm  1" 25mm  
 220‑JAP‑151T 1.5  1.1   400 THREE 3.5   1 1/4" 32mm  1" 25mm 
 220‑JAP‑201M 1.5   230  SINGLE 10.3   1 1/4" 32mm  1" 25mm 

*Max pumped liquid temperature: 60°C.
*Max ambient temperature: 40°C.
*Complete with E30 ejector. (if E20 ejector required please specify).

Construction Material:  

*Pump body: Cast iron G20 with anti-corrosive coating.
*Motor bracket: In die casting aluminium UNI 5076 and stainless steel Aisi 304 (cast iron for Jap 150-200).
*Ejector: Cast iron G20 with anti-corrosive coating.
*Diffuser, Nozzle & Venturi tube: GE Noryl® GFN2.
*Impellers, GE Noryl GFNZ (stamped brass UNI-EN 12165 available on demand).
*Pump shaft: Stainless steel Aisi 420A.

Technical Features: 

*Closed auto-ventilated motor with protection IPX4, two poles, class F insulation.
*Single-phase with incorporated motor protector and capacitor permanently connected.
*Three-phase with compulsory protection to be provided by the user.
*Continuous duty.


*A foot valve must be installed at the foot of the ejector.
*After the pump is installed, fill pipes with clean water.
*To preserve an efficient priming a specific pressure in the circuit is necessary – a gate valve on the discharge can achieve this 

Note: Minimum pump operating heads, must be observed

2 Year Warranty 

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