Deluxe Under Sink Kit with Inline Filter

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Deluxe Under Sink Kit with Inline Filter 

A deluxe undersink water filter unit designed to fit into almost any situation.
The KDF-GAC filter media is designed to remove or reduce a greater range of contaminants from the water while still providing good longevity.


This undersink filter unit comes standard with these features and options:
* 30,000 KDF/GAC inline filter
* 1µ filtration
* Rated to 850 kPa (125 psi)
* Recommended filter replacement frequency is every 2 years

Take-off valve options:

* SV3 saddle valve 3 paralell (used with metal piping)
* SV6 sadle valve 6 G clamp (used for poly butylene)
* SV5 plumber delight take off valve (½" BSP)
* DWTO dish washer tap take off tee 20mm m with ¼" BSP
* Please see images for pictures of take off valves.

Filter Specifcations: 

Diameter of 2½".
Average Life 2 Years
Removes Chlorine tastes/odours
* ¼" connection, push fit or threaded
1 micron rated 
Removes Giardia
Removes up to 85% of Lead 


Replacement alternative for microlene filters.
Domestic, Commercial, and Rural High Flow Carbon Filters
Carbon filters are used to remove or reduce a variety of contaminants from water.
Most carbon filters are used as point of use [POU] devices where the proportion of water used is small in comparison to the rest of the establishment, thus the filter can be relatively small (POU filters have a typical flow of around 2 - 4 litres per minute and a life of between 10,000litres


*Lead (85%)
*Volatile and organic carbons
*Dissolved colour


  User Manual

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