DI-2 Aqualine De-Ionising Cartridge

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DI-2 Aqualine De-Ionising Cartridge

Deionizing water filters are used to remove mineral ions from the water such as calcium, iron, copper. Water that contains an appreciable quantity of these dissolved minerals is referred to as hard water. A deionizing water filter contains a deionization resin of complex sodium salts. When the water flows over the resin surface, dissolving the sodium the hard water minerals precipitate onto the resin surface. The resins prefer the minerals over the sodium and readily take up the minerals and release the sodium.

The DI-2 is a non regenerable industrial and general purpose deionisation polishing cartridge designed to provide extremely low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water (low conductivity) for analytical and general laboratory use and may be also used in autoclaves. The high quality semiconductor grade ion exchange resins will deliver high purity water with a minimum TOC background. The DI-2 is constructed totally from FDA grade materials and media. It is primarily designed as a polisher for low TDS feed water. It can be used in a recirculating mode or as a post RO scavenger. Down flow operation is preferred. Intermittent up-flow may cause bed separation and quality failure.


* Size: 9¾" - fits all standard 10" filter housings
* Pre-filter : 100µ reticulated poly foam
* Media : Semiconductor grade mixed ion exchange resin (1:1 equivalent ratio)
* Post-filter : 20µ spun bonded polypropylene
* Flow rate : 1-2 lpm
* pH Range : 0-14
* Capacity : 28,500 mgs*

Divide 28,500 by the TDS of the feed water to obtain litres throughput before exhaustion *Lab tested on 10ppm feed to 10 megohm break

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