Westinghouse Fridge Filter R643 / WF1CB-EFF

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Westinghouse R643 / EcoAqua WF1CB-EFF

Replacement filter for Westinghouse/Electrolux fridges located in a round plastic housing inside the fridge.

The WFCB filter cartridge sits inside a white plastic cup and you will need to unscrew the cup before you can see the filter. Suitable replacement for Electrolux 1438545 and Westinghouse RS643T. 
Also replaces part numbers WF1CB & RG-100

It is recommended to replace the filter every 6 months, or when the "change filter" light comes on.

We only have the Eco Aqua brand available.


  • Capacity: 757 litres
  • Flow Rate: 1.9 lpm
  • Dimensions: 105mm x 47.6mm
  • Micron Rating: 1 Micron

 This Filter Replaces:

WFCB, WF1CB, WSF-1, 218710901, 218710902, 2187109026, 218717805, 218732306, 218904501, 218907800, 240389101, 240389102, 24094501, 218904602, 530917752, 530917836, 530917937, 530918017, 2403891019, 9028163, 5039018, SWFB, SWF1CB, SWFCB, SWCB, WFB, WFCB12, WFCB18, WFCB20, NGRG-100, NGRG-2000, RC101, RC200, RC-200, RF200, RF10, RF100, RF-100, RG100, RG-100, 46-9910, 9910, 9910P, 469910, 4609910000, SGF-W1CB-SW, WSF-1, WSF-2

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