Electrolux/Frigidaire Fridge/EcoAqua Fridge Filter

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Electrolux/Frigidaire Fridge/EcoAqua Fridge Filter

The EPTWFU01 Frigidaire PureSource Ultra II replacement filter fits certain Frigidaire and Electrolux models released mid-2015. This filters Reduces Chlorine, taste & Odour, Particulate Class 1, Cysts & Bisphenol A (BPA), lead, mercury. Certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, and 401. This filter is also known as the 807946705. 


* Capacity: 757 litres without indicator / 473 litres with indicator
* Min / Max operating Temp: 0.6 - 38 degrees (33F-100F)
Min / max working pressure: 206.8 - 689.5kPa (30-100 psi)
Flow Rate: 2.46L/min (0.5GPM)
* Life Span: 6 Months 
* Micron Rating: 1 Micron

The EcoAqua EFF-6047A is a quality replacement water filter for Electrolux and Frigidaire refrigerators. This filter cartridge replaces the EPTWFU01 and is also known as the 807946705. This filter reduces chlorine, tastes, and odours, Particulate Class 1, cysts and Bisphenol A (BPA), lead, and mercury. Certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, and 401. 

The EFF-6047A Replaces the Following Water Filters:

- EPTWFU01-2
- 807946705

The EFF-6047A Suits the Following Refrigerator Models:

- EBE5367sa
- EHE5267SA
- EHE5267SA-D
- EHE-5307
- EHE5307SA
- EHE5200
- WHE5260SA
- WHE6060
- WHE6060SA
- WHE7074SA
- WHE6874SA
- WSE6870SA
- WSE68740sa
- WSE6170SA

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