Filtermaster Spa Heaters-2.3kw & 5.5kw

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Filtermaster Spa Heaters-2.3kw & 5.5kw

Filtermaster Electric Heater for Spa Pools
The 2.3 kw & 5.5kw heater is the first of a new generation of heaters that have been totally redesigned to incorporate all the latest concepts in safe water heating. The heater is reliable, easy to install, simple to operate and easy to maintain. It includes all its own control and safety devices. It is designed to look after itself. All the control system of the spa has to do is turn on the pump. The heater detects the water pressure change and operates accordingly.


* Power: 2300 watts or 5500 watts
* Fittings: 40mm
* Wiring: Must be completed by a qualified electrician
* Orientation: May be installed vertically or horizontally

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