Flood Box

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Flood Box

Now it’s time to protect your property! This Pump Technology Flood Emergency Kit provides a powerful, durable Flood Pumping Solution – The “Flood Box” helps people who are affected by flood water, to react quickly and efficiently. The heart of this emergency kit is the powerful multifunctional submersible pump U 5 KS. Taken out of the carrying box it can be used either stationary or as a portable tool for several kinds of pumping situations

Included in Emergency Kit
Pump U5 KS • High performance motor Hmax 8m and flow rate up to 190LPM
Fire hose 12,5 m • Quick and easy attachment by a C-coupling
Carrying cage • Pump fixation stabilizes the pump while it is used within the cage


* 230v/Single Phase
* 520 watts
* Flow rate:  190 LPM
* Max Head: 8 Meters 
* Outlet: 32mm 
* Amps: 2.3
* 10/20mm Free Passage (20mm when removable strainer is detached) 
* Built in level control

 Motor features: 

* 10m Cable
* 0-35 Degrees
* Intermittent Temperature maximum: 60 degrees 
* Rated for continuous use
* Pump casing: Glass reinforced plastic
* Impeller: Glass reinforced plastic
* Wear Plate: Glass reinforced plastic
* Motor Shaft: 304SS
* Mechanical Seal: Three-fold radial shaft seal ring incorporating an intermediate oil chamber. 


* Rainwater
* Domestic Waste Water/Grey Water
* Drainage
* Dirty Water (ponds)
* Clear & slightly soiled water 
* Basement sumps


* Height: 280mm
* Width: 240mm
* Depth: 290mm
* Weight: 5.4kg 


2 Year Warranty 

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