Trevoli Capacitors

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TREVOLI Capacitors 450v


* Operating temperature -25 to 85°C
* Two wires

(Please note, not all capacitors are available or currently in stock, please contact us to confirm availability. Dimensions may vary from time to time)

Model Capacitor
CM2-40E  10µF
CM2-50E  15µF
CM2-60E  15µF
CM4-50E  30µF
CM4-60E  30µF
CMS23E  20µF
CMS43E  20µF
CMS44E  30µF
CMS45E  40µF
BJZ037E  10µF
BJZ100E  20µF
BJZ150E  30µF
JET100  20µF
JET150  30µF
CMB SP 3-37 15µF
CMB SP 3-47 10µF
CMB SP 5-37 20µF
CMB SP 5-47 30µF
CMB 3-56 20µF
CMB 5-57 40µF
CMB 5-67 40µF
TDA35 7µF
TDA100 15µF
TDA150 20µF
TDA200 25µF
S35 7µF
S75 10µF
S100 15µF
S150 20µF
S150B 20µF
S200B 30µF
S300B 50µF

Please contact us if you don't see the capacitor you require


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