Greenway Replacement UV Lamps

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Greenway Replacement UV Lamps

 Standard 4 pin 

Code Wattage Length Compatible with Greenway Model Brand
GW_GUVL-1S 14 287mm GAUV-1S Genuine
GW_GUVL-2S 17 340mm GAUV-2S Genuine
GW_GUVL-5S 25 463mm GAVUS-5S Genuine
GW_GUVL-10S 30 600mm  GAUV-10S Genuine
GW_GUVL-15S 40  893mm GAUV-15S  Genuine
GW_GUVL-32HW* 90  893mm  GAUV-32H Genuine
GW_GUVL893H+ 95 893mm GAUV-HMA Genuine

L-287-14W-4E 14 287mm GAUV-1S Aftermarket
L-600-30W-4E 30 600mm GAUV-10S Aftermarket 
L-893-40W-4E 40 893mm GAUV-15S  Aftermarket 

*Red End Caps  
+Purple End Cap

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