Grundfos Alpha 2 Series

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Grundfos Alpha 2

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ALPHA2 is the best pump to withstand the tough conditions in a heating system, and with four newly added features, it just got even tougher
The new ALPHA2 takes reliability in small domestic circulators to new heights. Even in systems where the operational environment is a challenge, the ALPHA2 will ensure long-lasting trouble-free operation with no risk of blockage. 

A typical pump in a system runs at full speed day and night. The ALPHA2 (N) from Grundfos adapts to the variable demand while keeping your comfort, saving a considerable amount of electricity. The installation of a GRUNDFOS ALPHA2 (N) pump will decrease the power consumption considerably, reduce noise from radiator valves and similar fittings, and improve the control of the system. The unique Grundfos AUTOADAPT function ALPHA2 (N) will analyse and adjust automatically to your heating and water use demands. Available in in both stainless steel for hot water (open) systems and cast iron for heating (closed) systems.


Model Port Size Port to Port Option Wattage  Amps  Head 
ALPHA2-25-60-130 1 1/2"  130mm Cast Iron for Heating  34w 0.32  6m 
ALPHA2-25-60-180 1 1/2"  180mm Cast Iron for Heating  34w 0.32  6m 
ALPHA2-25-60N-130 1 1/2"  130mm Stainless Steel for potable water   34w 0.32  6m
ALPHA2-25-60N-180 1 1/2"  180mm Stainless Steel for potable water   34w  0.32  6m

* 240v, 50 HZ
* Liquid Temperature- 2°C - +110°C
* Sound Pressure Level: ≤43 dB(A)
* Ambient temperature: 0°C to +40°C

* 3 Speeds: 
- Speed 1: 25LPM at 1m Head
- Speed 2: 45LPM at 3m Head
- Speed 3: 55LPM at 6m Head 


Robust start-up:
Shakes free any impurities before the pump starts at the beginning of the heating season.

Summer mode:
Adjustment of the pump’s performance in the summer to the warmer temperature outside – giving customers extra energy efficiency

Magnetite resistance:
Ensures that no small pieces of metal get stuck in the pump’s vital parts when they are magnetised

Dry-running protection:
Makes sure the pump never runs without liquid in the system

Add to that unrivalled energy efficiency, easy installation and the fact that ALPHA2 covers both your heating demands and up to 90 % of your air-conditioning and cooling demands.

Robust design The pump is made of materials that ensure excellent corrosion resistance. Designed for open systems Alpha2 N is constructed from quality stainless steel with a high grade composite impeller. The Alpha2 is constructed from rugged cast iron and is the perfect choice for closed systems. Quiet operation Permanent magnet motor provides an operating noise level at less than 43 decibels, the Alpha2 is whisper quiet. AUTOADAPT The pump learns the user pattern of the customer and learns from it. It only runs when hot water is needed. Energy efficient The reduction in power consumption has been achieved by using the latest permanent magnet motor technology.


*Systems with constant or varying flow
*One pipe systems
*Two pipe systems
*Domestic hot-water recirculation
*Systems where night setback is required.



2 Year Back to Base Warranty  

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