GRUNDFOS CM Booster Series

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GRUNDFOS CM Booster Series

The CM Booster consists of a horizontal multistage centrifugal pump CM and a Grundfos Pressure Manager. The pump is suitable for above ground tanks (not for self priming). For self-priming options, see CM BOOSTER SELF-PRIMING.

Recommendation:  A pressure tank extends pump life, stores energy, reduces noise, reduces pump starts and protects against heat expansion, see drop-down menu.
A free three-way tee is provided with any pump and pressure tank combination.


Model  kW Amps Outlet Inlet Flow Rate Head [m] Controller
CMB 1-36 0.50 3.3-3.1 1" M 1" F 28LPM 23.7 PM1 - 1.5 bar
CMB 3-37 0.50 3.3-3.1 1" M 1" F 51LPM 27.7 PM1 - 1.5 bar
CMB 3-46 0.50 3.3-3.1 1" M 1" F 51LPM 30.5 PM1 - 2.2 bar
CMB 5-46 0.90 5.4-5.0 1" M 1 1/4" F 78LPM 38.6 PM1 - 2.2 bar


Components: Non self-priming stainless steel pump CM-A with PM1
Cable 1.2 m with plug
Liquid temperature: 0°C to +60°C
Ambient temperature: 0°C to +55°C
Supply voltage: 1 x 240 Volt 50 Hz
System pressure: Maximum 10 bar
Enclosure class: Suitable for covered installation (IP55)


*Domestic water supply for small to medium home
*General water transfer systems
*Garden use

2 Year Back to Base Warranty  

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