GRUNDFOS CMB-SP 1-36 Booster Pump – Multistage Pressure System

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GRUNDFOS CMB-SP 1-36 Booster Pump–Multistage Pressure System

The Grundfos CMB 1-4 pressure system is a compact booster pump for water supply in domestic and light commercial water applications.
The unit consists of a Grundfos CMB 1-4 cast iron pump and a Grundfos PM1 pressure manager that allows the pump to start and stop automatically according to demand.

Recommendation:  A pressure tank extends pump life, stores energy, reduces noise, reduces pump starts and protects against heat expansion, see drop-down menu.
A free three-way tee is provided with any pump and pressure tank combination.


* Voltage: 1 x 240 V, 50 Hz
* Power: 0.5 kW
* Max Head 35m
* Max Flow 25lpm
* 1nlet/Outlet: 1"
* Temp Range: 0 °C to +60 °C
* Sound pressure level < 55 dBa
* Suction Lift: 4m


* Compact design to cater for most spaces
* Use of stainless steel impellers provides the longest possible life
* Dry-running protection saves your pump from damage if your water supply runs out
* Anti-cycling alarm informs homeowners of potential pipe leakage, saving water and protecting the pump
* Suitable for generator operation
* Stainless steel impeller, intermediate chambers and shaft
* Cast iron housing
* Hard wearing carbon / ceramic seal
* IP55 motor
* Complies with AS/NZS 4020 – testing for products for use with drinking water


*Domestic water supply for small to medium home
*General water transfer systems
*Garden use

CMB-SB Brochure


2 Year Back to Base Warranty  

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