GRUNDFOS NS Series Centrifugal Irrigation & Water Transfer Pump

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GRUNDFOS NS Series Centrifugal Irrigation & Water Transfer Pump

Centrifugal irrigation and water transfer pump. Ideal for pumping clear water and other non-aggressive liquids. Available in single-impeller and twin-impeller, these efficient pumps are constructed from robust materials to ensure a long life.

The Grundfos NS pump range has been designed with medium to large scale water
transfer purposes in mind. It is perfect for lowering water levels and transferring water
quickly between dams or tanks. After priming and the addition of a foot valve, the NS is capable of suction lift of up to 6 metres.


Model  kW Amps Inlet/Outlet Flow Rate Head [m]
NS 3-40 0.75 5.5 1" F 100LPM 40M
NS 4-23 0.37 3.0 1" F 108LPM 21M
NS 5-33 0.75 6.0 1" F 150LPM 32M


* Rugged construction - Hard-wearing cast iron construction, treated against corrosion to ensure extra long life
* Move water around quickly - Perfect for moving water between dams or tanks over long distances or vertically up to 60 metres

Technical Features:

* Ambient Temperature: 0°C to +40°C
* Liquid Temperature:
  -10°C to +50°C : NS 3-40, 4-23, 5-33 
  -15°C to +110°C : NS 5-60, 30-18
* System Pressure:
  -Max. 6 bar: NS 3-40, 4-23, 5-33, 30-18
  -Max. 8 bar: NS 5-60
* Noise Level: 55 dB
* 220-240 Volt, 50Hz
* Cable: 
-2 m (10A Plug) : NS 3-40, 4-23, 5-33
-2 m (15A Plug) : NS 30-18, 5-60
* Enclosure Class: Undercover installation recommended (IP44/IP55)
* Approved for Drinking Water AS/NZS 4020


*General water transfer systems
*Garden use

2 Year Back to Base Warranty  

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