Grundfos- PM1 Electronic Pump Controller

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Grundfos- PM1 Electronic Pump Controller

The Grundfos PM 1 pressure manager is designed for automatic start/stop control of Grundfos pumps and other water supply pumps.The PM1 is suitable for applications where start/stop of the pump according to consumption is required. It is the basic flexibility solution, offering pump start at 1.5 or 2.2 bar.The PM1 starts the pump when the starting pressure is reached, and keeps running as long as there is flow.The PM1 provides dry-running protection and a cycling alarm for increased safety. In addition, it boasts the usual Grundfos quality, which guarantees high flexibility, robust electronics, and long life.


*Rated Voltage:220V-240V
*Frequency:50 HZ
*Joint Screw:1inch (25mm)
*Protection Grade:IP65


*Anti Cycling:If there is a minor leakage in the system, or a tap has not been entirely closed, the PM 1 will start and stop the pump periodically. In order to avoid cycling, the anticycling function of the PM 1 will stop the pump and indicate an alarm.
*Dry-running protection: The PM 1 incorporates dry-running protection that automatically stops the pump in case of dry running. The dry-running protection functions differently during priming and operation.
*Dry running during priming: If the PM 1 detects no pressure and no flow within 5 minutes after it has been connected to a power supply and the pump has started, the dry-running alarm is activated. This allows the pump to self-prime.
*Dry running during operation: If the PM 1 detects no pressure and no flow within 40 seconds during normal operation, the dry-running alarm is activated.


*User-friendly interface
*Free choice of installation position
*Flexible power supply
*Rotary outlet connection
*Protective functions
*Suitable for power supply from petrol generators
*Power-on indication
*Pump running indication
*Alarm indication
*Dry-running protection
*Rotary outlet connection.


Typical applications are water supply systems and rainwater systems in :
*Single-family houses
*Irrigation and Gardening
*Liquids- Clean, thin, non-aggressive and non-explosive liquids without solid particles or fibres that may attack the unit mechanically or chemically such as municipal water and rainwater.

This controller comes Pre-wired. It has a standard 3 pin plug for the mains and a 3 pin receiver which allows for a 3 pin plug from the pumps motor to connect directly in to the controller.



2 Year Back to Base Warranty  

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