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The GRUNDFOS SCALA1 is a robust all-in-one, self-priming pump with built-in Bluetooth® connectivity, making it simple to install, trouble shoot and customise using the GRUNDFOS GO App. SCALA1 is self-priming, allowing it to be connected to either above ground or below ground (up to 8m) water sources. 


Model Wattage Pumping Height Flow Rate Inlet/Outlet
SCALA1 3-45 800w   45m Head 85 LPM 25mm/1" 
SCALA1 5-55 1000w 55m Head 110 LPM 25mm/1" 


For water sources below pump level - Designed with good suction lift capabilities, the SCALA1 is able to draw water up to 8 metres vertically below the level of the pump
Quiet operation - Super quiet operation that won’t disturb your family or neighbours
All-in-one construction - Tough, weather resistant outer casing houses the pump, motor and the controller
Easy installation – plug & pump - Simply connect the pump inlet and outlet to the pipework, prime the pump, plug into a power outlet and you’re ready to pump
Simple to operate and monitor - Seamlessly connect to your SCALA1 using the Bluetooth connected Grundfos GO App.

Technical Features:

* Suction Lift: 8m
* 230Volt
* Single Phase
* 50 Hz
* System Pressure: Max 8 Bar
* dB: 55 
* Ambient Temperature: 0°C to +55°C
* Liquid Temperature: 0°C to +45°C
* Power Cable: 1.5m with Plug
* Enclosure Class: IPX4D
* Auto start/Stop
* Dry Run Protection
* Anti-Cycling Protection
* Alarm Indication LED


*Household water supply
*Pressure boosting from above ground rainwater or holding tanks
*Pressure boosting from below ground water sources
*Mains boosting


Length: 466mm
Height: 263mm
Width: 202mm
- 3-45: 12KG
- 5-55: 14KG

Additional Information: 

Instruction Manual
Technical Brochure 

2 Year Back to Base Warranty  

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