Grundfos Unilift KP Series

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Grundfos Unilift KP Series

Unilift KP pumps are submersible drainage pumps for pumping drain water or grey wastewater. The KP is suitable for both temporary and permanent free-standing installation or installation in collecting tanks. All Unilift KP pumps can be supplied with or without a level switch for automatic or manual operation. The strainer is clipped onto the pump housing and can easily be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

The robust design – all metal parts in contact with the pumped liquid are made of stainless steel - makes it ideal for rough environments. The outer casing is made in one piece. The motor is a canned motor with liquid-filled rotor chamber and water-lubricated bearings.The motor incorporates automatic overload protection which cuts out the motor in the event of overload. When it has cooled to normal temperature the motor restarts automatically.


Model kW HP  Amps Pumping Height Flow Rate No Float Vertical  Float Standard Float
KP150M1 0.30 0.4 1.3 5.5m  140LPM  M1    
KP150AV1  0.30 0.4 1.3 5.5m  140LPM    AV1  
KP150A1 0.30 0.4 1.3 5.5m  140LPM      A1
KP250M1 0.48  0.6  2.2  7.5m  170LPM  M1    
KP250AV1 0.48 0.6 2.2 7.5m  170LPM    AV1  
KP250A1 0.48 0.6 2.2 7.5m  170LPM      A1
K350M1 0.70  0.9  3.2  9m  250LPM  M1     
K350AV1 0.70 0.9 3.2 9m  250LPM    AV1  
K350A1 0.70 0.9 3.1 9m  250LPM      A1


* 220-240v
* Single Phase 
* Outlet: 32mm
* Temperature: 0-50 degrees, (up to 70 degrees for 2 minute maximum with at least 30 minute intervals) 
* 5m Cable 
* Particle Size: 10mm 


Compact design
Stainless steel construction (AISI 304)
Wide range, with automatic and manual versions. KP available with a standard float (A1) or a vertical float (Niro).
Easy maintenance of the strainer and power/float cable


Semi-open impeller
IP68 motor
Insulation Class F
1 x 240 V pumps include capacitor and thermal overload protection 


KP pumps are portable, multipurpose, submersible stainless steel pumps for the transfer of clear, non-aggressive water, slightly soiled water and wastewater.
These pumps work equally well automatically and manually and are designed for either fixed installation or mobile use.

* Lifting wastewater from washing machines, showers, wash basins, located below the drain pipe
Drainage of flooded cellars, sumps etc
Drainage or filling of swimming pools or tanks
Transfer of liquids in agriculture, horticulture and industry
Pumping water from shallow wells


2 Year Back to Base Warranty  

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