Hansen Barrel Union (15-50mm)

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Hansen Barrel Union

Quick Connect Fittings, Available in sizes 15-50mm 

Model Thread Size
HBU15 1/2" 15mm
HBU20 3/4" 20mm
HBU25 1" 25mm
HBU2520 1" 25mm - 3/4" 20mm
HBU32 1 1/4" 32mm
HBU3225 1 1/4" 32mm - 1" 25mm
HBU40 1 1/2" 40mm
HBU50 2" 50mm


* Max Pressure- 16 Bar (at 20 Degrees) 


*Designed to enable Quick Connect / Disconnect around pumps, tanks, dairy sheds and irrigation
* Flat face for easy uninstall makes uninstalling pumps & pipe work a breeze
* Strong & Compact, perfect solution for tight spaces
* When the common nut is wound off, the pipe simply ‘slips down’
* Great for tight spaces that have little room for connecting & disconnecting
* Ideal for connecting and disconnecting larger pump and pipes
* Perfect for off centred pipe work
* Ability to connect / disconnect from pump or along the trunk of a pipe
* Multiple configurations enables this fitting to meet the needs of just about any situation
* Ability to connect to poly pipe applications directly from the pump or in-line
* Fits onto the extensive range of Hansen Easy Fit & True Fit Pipe Fittings

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