Hansen Check Valve

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Hansen Check Valve  

Used in-line as a non return valve to stop fluids flowing back through your system.

Fitting Code
Metric Imperial
25mm Hansen Check Valve BSPT CV25 25mm 1" 
32mm Hansen Check Valve BSPT CV32 32mm 1 1/4"
40mm Hansen Check Valve BSPT CV40 40mm 1 1/2"
50mm Hansen Check Valve BSPT CV50 50mm 2" 
63mm Hansen Check Valve BSPT CV63 63mm 2 1/2" 


  • Exceptional Flow - Move more water in less time.
  • Strong Non-Corrosive Materials - Body; High Quality Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon, Diaphragm; Nitrile Rubber, Spring; Stainless Steel. All components of this valve manufactured from materials approved for use with potable (drinkable) water.
  • Inline Servicing - Removable cap - Easy access to all moving parts - Valve stays inline for servicing (if required).
  • No poppet valve to wear or jam - Smooth Flow.
  • Interchangeable Components - Diaphragm and Spring are Interchangeable Components used in the same size Foot Valve.
  • Fast Response Opening & Closing.
  • Operates at any angle.
  • Maximum Recommended Working Pressure - 10 Bar (1000 kPa. 145 PSI) @ 20°C
  • Pressure required for initial flow: 0.5 psi (3.5 kPa)


Note: When screwing metal products into valve, do not over tighten. All pipe work must be adequately supported.

Flow required to fully open Diaphragm
Valve 25mm 32mm 40mm 50mm 63mm
L / min 110 142 158 225 330


The unique design of the check valve gives you exceptional flow rates, which means you can move more water in less time saving on pumping costs. The screw cap allows for easy access for in-line servicing, there is no Poppet Valve to wear or jam and the diaphragm and spring are interchangeable with the same size Foot Valve.

Hansen Check Valve Cut Open
Hansen Check Valve Cut Closed

Hansen Check Valve Angle

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