Hansen Fast Flo Compact Trough/Tank Valve

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Hansen Fast Flo Compact Trough/Tank Valve


  • Each valve is supplied with: Complete Plastic Valve Body, Arm, Float & Long Tail Adaptor
  • Cost-effective trough/tank valve - 29 PSI - 9 l/min
  • Ability to attach a diffuser hose to reduce water turbulence & noise in top entry installations & Anti-Syphon Holes to prevent backflow
  • Designed with an adjustable patent-pending "Ezi Clamp" arm to make water level adjustment a breeze
  • Will fit multiple thread & connection combinations 15 - 50mm
  • Reliable with high and low-pressure applications from 0.2 - 12 bar
  • Durable urethane seat, which is reversible
  • Suitable for top entry
  • Manufactured from strong non-corrosive UV stabilised materials

Mini Fast~Flo Installation Guide:

  • Flush pipelines into a water tank or troughs before installing Mini Fast~Flo Valve into the new system
  • Isolate the water going to the bowl, trough or tank to replace a valve in an existing system.
  • Thread O-Ring end of correct size Long Tail Adaptor into Mini Fast~Flo Valve Body and tighten firmly enough that the O-Ring creates a seal against the Mini Fast~Flo Valve Body face. Do not over tighten

NOTE: If there is an existing or moulded threaded inlet in the trough or tank use a Hansen Standard Adaptor.

Top Entry Installation

  • Place the ribbed side of the Rubber (soft) Washer against the hole inside the bowl/trough/tank. Insert the Long Tail Adaptor through the washer & inlet hole in the bowl/trough/tank wall.
  • On the outside, place the Poly (hard) Washer on the Long Tail Adaptor with the ribs facing the bowl/trough/tank wall. Thread on Adaptor Nut and tighten firmly. Do not overtighten.
  • Screw the Mini Fast˜Flo Float onto the Arm and use the Ezy Clamp to move the float to the desired position for a water level that suits your requirements.

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