Hansen Foot Valves

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Hansen Foot Valves 

Used on the end of a suction line to stop the fluids in the line emptying when the pump is turned off. This eliminates the need to prime your pump each time you start it.

Fitting Code Metric Imperial
25mm Hansen Foot Valve BSPT HFV25 25mm 1" 
32mm Hansen Foot Valve BSPT HFV32 32mm 1 1/4"
40mm Hansen Foot Valve BSPT HFV40 40mm 1 1/2"
50mm Hansen Foot Valve BSPT HFV50 50mm 2" 
63mm Hansen Foot Valve BSPT HFV63 63mm 2 1/2" 


  • High Performance, Cost Effective Foot Valve, Delivers high volumes of water quickly with unrestricted full flow
  • Operates via Pressure Differential and at any angle or position
  • No Poppet Valve to wear or jam
  • Easy access screw cap for servicing, Diaphragm and Spring are interchangeable with the same size Check Valve
  • Blockages reduced due to low fluid velocity through slots
  • All connecting threads are BSPT
  • Smooth operating valve for high efficiency
  • Unique design which incorporates a self cleaning diaphragm
  • Manufactured from strong, non-corrosive UV stabilised materials, approved for use with Potable (drinkable) Water
  • Maximum Recommended Working Pressure: 16 Bar (1600 kPa. 235 PSI) @ 20°C.
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 60°C.


Minimum flow for self cleaning action:
Valve 25mm 32mm 40mm 50mm 63mm
L/min 110 210 300 460 600

Note: When screwing metal products into valve, do not over tighten. All pipe work must be adequately supported.


The Foot Valves unique design gives you more flow in less time which saves on pumping costs, it has unrestricted Full Flow and has an efficiency in excess of 95% of many other types of Foot Valves. The unique product design incorporates a built in Strainer and operates at any angle or position. There is no Poppet Valve to wear or Jam on. It is easily serviced and the diaphragm and spring are interchangeable and replaceable with the same size Check Valve. Blockages are reduced due to low fluid velocity through the slots.

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