Hansen Mini Sprinklers

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Hansen Mini Sprinklers 

The Hansen Mini Sprinklers are a blockage resistant sprinkler system that allows full volume right to the head. Ideally suited for orchids & flowers, glasshouse crops. gardens, landscaping, offices and pot plants. 

Code Description
HPS64 6 Jetx400mm Microjet Sprinkler
HPS6T 6 Jet Blue Top
HPS6TA 6 Jet Blue top Assembly 
HPS6TA+T 6 Jet Blue top Assembly & Tube
HPS84 8Jetx400mm Microjet Sprinkler
HPS8T 8 Jet Yellow Top
HPS8TA 8 Jet Yellow Top Assembly 
HPS8TA+T 8 Jet Yellow Top Assembly & Tube
HPSTUBE 1 meter 6mm Tube
HSTAKE400M 400mm Stake for HPS 


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